'Kick-Ass' Star Aaron Johnson Welcomes Baby Girl

In Celebs by , on Friday, July 09, 2010, 9:32 AM (PDT)


He's 20. She's 43.

Aaron Johnson and his fiance Sam Taylor-Wood have a 23-year age gap, but that didn't stop them from falling in love and having a kid together. The couple has welcomed a healthy baby girl named Wylda Rae.

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Representatives for Johnson, 20, and Taylor-Wood, 43, confirmed to People Magazine that baby Wylda was born on Wednesday in London.

The couple have been under fire for their age difference since they began dating. They met on the set of Nowhere Boy, which she directed, and the pair have since been caught up in a romance that has everyone talking. They got engaged in late April.

According to Taylor-Wood, Johnson popped the question on a whim. It was "a complete surprise," she says. "He had been planning a lot longer than I had imagined. So it was incredibly romantic."

The new mother, who has an 11 year-old child from a previous marriage, wasn't even sure it would be safe to get pregnant. She has fought cancer and gone through chemotherapy twice, so doctors thought she might not be able to have anymore kids.

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"It was a possibility, but they couldn't really guarantee," she says.

In the end, Taylor-Wood says the couple is happy and that everyone just needs to mind their own business.

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Posted By dojonia5 (4 years ago)
20 and 43?! She can be his mother... if they are ready for more stares and judgements GO RIGHT AHEAD continue on..
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