Kid Runs up $3,200 Bill on iPad Game In-App Purchases; Apple to Refund Money

In Life by Wendy Michaels , on Saturday, September 22, 2012, 8:40 AM (PDT)
Restrict those in-app purchases!


Six-Year-Old Runs Up Mega In-app Purchases Bill

Another "kids and iPads" cautionary tale ...

A 6-year-old kid in North Yorkshire, UK managed to run up a $3,244 credit card bill with the in-app purchases made in the game Tiny Monsters.


The kid, whose name is (not making this up), Will Smith, was playing the game Tiny Monsters on his grandfather's iPad and looking to reach Level 26.

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To get to that level, the game requires virtual food and coins that you have to pay for.

The app, incidentally, was free.

If there's one thing parents who own iPads hate are the seemingly "free" apps that we allow our kids to download, only to find out that every little thing within the app has a price.

We have a pretty strict rule about in-app purchases in our house, backed up by making sure that the settings restrict the ability for anyone to accidentally start racking up charges.

Smith's grandfather discovered the charges when his credit card was rejected by a store.

His granddad explained to the Daily Mirror, "I must have synced my credit card up with the App Store and Will has just been pressing buttons buying baskets of food and coins for his monsters."

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He added, "I can't believe how easy it is for kids to buy things. Will's only six."

Amazingly enough, Apple agreed to refund the money.

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Such an awesome blog which i have never come across.
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