Kids in Quebec Can't Get Un-Hypnotized

In Life by Ivan Ciano , on Saturday, June 16, 2012, 11:09 AM (PDT)
One student was in a trance for four hours thanks to the hypnotism performance; Photo Credit:


Quebec school allegedly didn't know about hypnosis side effects

When high school administrations book a guest speaker to help mold young minds, they're usually to help inspire students to believe in themselves enough to achieve anything. In the case of a particular high school in Quebec, a hypnotist was brought in, and the consequences were bad ... really bad.

The ill-advised appearance was booked for a private all-girls school in Sherbrooke, Quebec, known as College du Sacre-Coeur. The show was planned during a lunchtime end-of-the-year event, and according to The Canadian Press, it led to 13 students reportedly having after effects such as nausea and headaches. At least five others experienced more serious repercussions, two others were vacant while viewing the performance, and one girl was in a trance for about four hours, described as a "deep sleep" by the principal of the school, Daniel Leveille.

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The set was done by a 20-year-old hypnotist named Maxime Nadeau. The disaster apparently didn't phase the young performer, as he claimed in a news report that he knew the students weren't in real danger, so he didn't panic. However, school administrators did, as they called Nadeau's mentor, Richard Whitbread, into the school to undo the "spell" that the affected students were under.

Showing that it's hypocritical for administrators to preach the importance of doing homework when they obviously didn't do theirs, administrators realized AFTER the show that hypnosis shouldn't be used on people under the age of 14 as younger minds are particularly suceptible to suggestions.  (College du Sacre-Coeur has students that range from the ages of 13 to 17.) The school (via a spokesman) said that they had "no idea" that hypnosis can have these types of side effects.

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The all-girls school plans to hold a news conference on Tuesday to address the issues, and should have some fun when pointing fingers at who's really to blame for this epic snafu.

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