Kim Kardashian Running for Mayor of Glendale, California

In Celebs by Wendy Michaels , on Tuesday, April 17, 2012, 10:21 AM (PDT)
kim kardashian
Kim Kardashian wants to be mayor


Kim Kardashian Wants to Run for Mayor

Kim Kardashian is pursuing her political aspirations. For real.

In an attempt to get her name in the headlines yet again, Kardashian is adding a new wrinkle to her media exposure -- announcing her run as mayor of Glendale, California.

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Well, in 2017, that is.

This can't be good. Or real, even, but you can watch Khloe and Kim discuss their political aspirations in this bonus video clip from Khloe & Lamar and judge for yourself.

During a visit at Khloe's, Kim notes she's buying a house in Glendale so she can run for mayor.

Kim tells Khloe, "I decided I'm going to run for the mayor of Glendale. It's going to be in like five years. So I have to buy a house there, you have to have residency there."

She even has a campaign manager!

Why does Kardashian have a plan to run for mayor? (Besides the obvious media grab?)

Glendale, with a population of 190,000, has one of the largest Armenian communities in the U.S. with "one in four people being Armenian," according to Wikipedia.

Khloe responds by saying she's going to run for mayor of Dallas.

I know I ask the obvious here, but haven't the Kardashian 15 minutes of fame run out yet?

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A Kardashian running for political office is certainly one of the signs of the apocalypse.

Anyone else suddenly feeling bad for the residents of Glendale?



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