Kimberly McCullough Leaving Robin Scorpio and 'General Hospital' in Early 2012

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general hospital
Kimberly McCullough leaving 'General Hospital'


Kimberly McCullough Leaving Role of Robin Scorpio on 'General Hospital'

Kiss another General Hospital regular goodbye. Kimberly McCullough is leaving General Hospital in early 2012, leaving behind a role that she originated in 1985 -- when she was seven.

McCullough originated the role of Robin Scorpio at in first grade, took time off from 1996 to 2005, and then returned to Port Charles.


Soap Opera Digest reports that McCullough wishes to leave General Hospital to direct full time, with a show rep sharing that fans should "expect a poignant and must-watch storyline for Robin and Patrick."

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Jonathan Jackson, who has played Lucky Spencer for nearly a decade on GH, also has his last show coming up in December.

Is the writing on the wall for General Hospital?

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With soap operas quickly facing extinction and cast members jumping ship, GH may well be the next soap to be cut from the daytime schedule.

What do you think will happen with Robin's storyline? Will they kill off her character?


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Comments (7)
Posted By chzhuu (2 years ago)
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Posted By colleen joihnson (2 years ago)
Kimberly I wish you well on your venture and may your dream come true. I have watched you since the startI hear GH may be leaving I am really hating real tv Ilike my GH and hope that rumors are not true. Its hard leaving you go your character was always so strong for the viewers. We shall all miss you.Ialso hope Storm comes back as Maxi really can't stand this new girls acting.Okay GH put up a fight stay on the tv I have been watching since I was a little girl I am 46 still faithful to your soap.Well good luck to GH and its staff and actors.
Posted By juanina lerch (2 years ago)
I am about ready to stop watching day time TV, taking all my soaps away......GH is the last one on my list. I had stopped for like 2 years but as for all addictions, I had seen GP a few times on a new job an was hooked. But if they take the one too, I'll be done. SO ABC, NBC, NO ONE IN MY HOUSE HOLD WILL NOT WATCH U IN THE DAY TIME IF U TAKE THIS AWAY TOO. I hope there will be others that feel as strongly as I. Good luck GP I hope to see u always.
Posted By Sandra Ilsley (2 years ago)
I have watched General Hospital since 1967. but Kimberly your the only one that took my heart with you, you were always my favorite, I have enjoyed the ups and downs on the show, gona miss ya girl. P.S. Anyone else leaves I'm done.
Posted By sara (1 year ago)
I wish you well robin but i also was wishing that you return to general hospital with be with patrick and the baby!!!!Robin i been watching yo for year's and i also i you on general hospital you make a cute coupe with patrick!!!!I hate that you left general hospital and i hope you return this week on general hospital to be with patrick and the baby.I just want you to know that i miss sending you on general hospital!!!!I hate it,my sister's hate it & my cousin's hate it!!!!!Robin we wish & hope to see you back on general hospital this week for good. Sara
Posted By carol (1 year ago)
PLease keep John on G H all of us the nursing home what him and love him. thanks
Posted By carol (1 year ago)
Please keep John on G H.
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