La Toya Jackson Reality Show Coming to Oprah's OWN. For Real

In OnScreen & Music by Wendy Michaels , on Thursday, August 02, 2012, 12:25 PM (PDT)
la toya jackson
La Toya Jackson gets reality show


Oprah Orders 'Life with La Toya' Reality Series

Oprah Winfrey has ordered a new reality series called Life with La Toya for her OWN network.

A realit show about the fledgling Jacksonista? No offense Big O, but this can only be described as scraping the bottom of the barrel.

It's unbelievable, that with all of Winfrey's celebrity connections, the best she can come up with is D-lister La Toya.

Will anyone even watch this?

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Of course, OWN is struggling to get viewers to tune in but I can't imagine seeing La Toya Jackson's every move on the small screen is going to grab much interest.

Perhaps Winfrey is looking at the Michael Jackson connection, as La Toya herself doesn't seem to have much going on, plus the recent Jackson family drama could be a nice tie in, but, still ...Life with La Toya? The most entertaining she's ever been was when she got tasered on that reality show Armed and Famous, with Erik Estrada (see video below).

Jackson issued a statement about the series, saying, "I am so pleased to be working with television legend Oprah Winfrey and to be a part of the OWN family. This will be one of the most exciting adventures of my life."

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If you care, you can check out Life with La Toya in 2013 below.



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