Lady Gaga Had the Nerve to Reject Madonna?

In OnScreen & Music by Wendy Michaels , on Thursday, November 08, 2012, 10:27 AM (PST)


Madonna Says Lady Gaga "Turned Down" Duet

Does anyone turn down an offer to sing a duet with Madonna?

Lady Gaga does. Surprised?


That's what Madonna's saying, anyway, when she dished about the Gaga snub at her Sunday show in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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Madge told the crowd, "I have the best fans in the world. So take that, Lady Gaga! You know, I invited her onstage to sing with me. But she turned me down."

She added, "It's OK. I've been rejected before. It builds a little character."

Is that the reason things have been wonky between the two opposing lady pop stars?


You may recall Lady Gaga took plenty of heat over her song Born This Way sounding a lot like Madonna's Express Yourself. (It so does.)

In a 20/20 interview, Madonna said of Gaga's son, "When I heard it on the radio ... I said that sounds very familiar. It feels reductive."

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She told Newsweek magazine the song was "a wonderful way to redo" Express Yourself, noting, "I mean, I recognized the chord changes. I thought it was ...interesting."

Check out Madonna and Lady Gaga play out their feud on SNL. Maybe they really should kiss and make up? Not holding my breath.

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