Lady Gaga Launching Social Network for Little Monsters

In Celebs by Wendy Michaels , on Monday, May 21, 2012, 11:08 AM (PDT)
lady gaga
Lady Gaga loves her Little Monsters


Lady Gaga Little Monsters Social Networking Site?

Lady Gaga is giving her "Little Monsters" their own social network, spreading her social media reach in a new fan-specific direction.

Gaga has always valued her fans, dubbing them her Little Monsters, and celebrating all that is unique and wonderful about her followers.

Her social network project sounds like a natural extension for fans.

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MTV News reports that Lady Gaga's Little Monsters social network, now in invite-only beta testing mode, will cater to her fans, allowing them to pin items (a la Pinterest) and rate Gaga-related items.

Of course, a Lady Gaga forum will be the main focus of the Little Monsters network, allowing her fanbase to share photos and videos, as well as talk about Gaga.

With 47 million Facebook fans and 24 million followers on Twitter, as well as one billion YouTube views, it sounds like Lady Gaga's social network may just take off.

The Little Monsters site is expected to launch later this year, with spin off into additional sites for fans.

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It'll be interesting to see how well Gaga does in this arena, but given her huge fanbase, there's no doubt that a lot of Little Monsters will be onboard for the all-things-Gaga social networking site.

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Posted By IVY ;) (2 years ago)
I Personally Think This Idea Of Hers Is Stupid . I Really Like Lady Gaga But That Is Retarded .
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