Legos As Your Favorite Pop Culture Icons

In Life by , on Wednesday, October 19, 2011, 1:24 PM (PDT)
Royale With Cheese, Lego-style.


Dick Cheney Looks Guilty Even As A Lego Figure

From Pulp Fiction and Jack the Ripper to Britney Spears and Albert Einstein, the latest set of Legos -- those brightly colored building blocks from childhood -- has turned many of your favorite pop culture icons into awesome plastic figurines.

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Just in time for the release of the new book The Cult of Lego, we've come across a set of brand new Lego figures designed by artists Thom Beckett, Andrew Becraft and Michael Jasper that channel easily recognizable famous faces.

(Check out the picture slideshow below to catch a few of them)

Called MiniFigs, the tiny plastic people are pulled straight out of film, entertainment, politics and even historical serial killers.

The figures are just a small part of the new book, which chronicles the adult word's ongoing fascination with the tiny building blocks.

Included inside the full-size coffee table book (which you can preorder on Amazon) are images of some of the more ambitious Lego projects, including a FULL-SIZE stegosaurus replica, a 22-foot long WWII battleship and a micro-scale Yankee Stadium.

So while you wait for the book, check out some of the more recognizable Lego faces here. Can you guess them all?



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