Lindsay Lohan Will Be Charged With Lying To Cops

In Celebs by , on Tuesday, November 06, 2012, 11:51 AM (PST)
lindsay lohan


Could Be Sent Back To Jail For Violating Her Probation

Today in your daily Lilo: some good news, some bad news and some potentially very bad news for Miss Lohan. According to TMZ, the troubled actress will be charged for lying to police officers following a June car accident in which she wrecked her Porsche.

To refresh your memory, Lohan, who had been shooting Lifetime's Liz & Dick at the time, had been ordered by producers not to drive. Instead, they arranged for her to be transported in a chauffered SUV. But she drove anyway, crashing her Porsche into a tractor-trailer while the SUV followed behind her. When questioned by cops, Lindsay told officers she had not been the one driving - that her assistant had been the one behind the wheel.

It turns out she was lying and now, it's being reported she will be charged with a misdemeanor for it. So that's the bad news. The potentially very bad news? Since Lohan is already on probation stemming from her 2011 jewelry theft case, the filing alone could cause the judge to revoke her probation and send her to jail, regardless if she's found guilty of lying.

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What, may you then ask, is this good news? Cops reportedly also wanted to charge Lohan for possession of all the pills they found in the trunk of her car during their post-crash search, but Lohan's attorney was able to prove her client had a prescription for them.

A huge victory? No. But we're talking about Lindsay Lohan here, people. At this point, we'll take any semblance of positivity we can get.


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Comments (2)
Posted By Jim (1 year ago)
Hopefully this little lying, stealing, drug sucking little liar will finally up where it will do her the most good at, that being in jail or county prison for at least 6 mths or even hopefully longer, and she will come out a---much cleaner person (drug wise) and emotionally more stable, and will give up her stealing, drug induced lying life style, she should have been put in jail for an extended period a long time ago, maybe something good will come out of all this, just imagine how good looking she would be if she wasn't in a drug stupor or drunk stupor all of the time.
Posted By mgrabbani (1 year ago)
Great post! I, too often, have to remind myself what God has called me to do. More importantly, the order in which He called me to do them. His yoke is easy. Mine? Not so much…
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