Lindsay Lohan's Probation Has Been Revoked -- Again

In Celebs by LimeLife , on Wednesday, December 12, 2012, 10:26 AM (PST)
lindsay lohan


Lohan's Problems With the Law Continue

Lindsay Lohan is in trouble yet again. The 26 year-old "actress" was arraigned today in California on misdemeanor charges for reckless driving, obstructing justice and having lied to the police. All of these charges stem from a car accident she had last June.

Last summer, Lohan was driving her Porsche on the famed Pacific Coast Highway when she crashed into another car. She and her passenger/assistant switched seats and then they lied to police saying that Lohan had not been the one at the wheel.

Today, commissioner Kane Godfrey revoked Lohan's probation (from the necklace theiving case from 2011) and set a hearing for January 15.  The punishment for violating probation? 245 days in the clink.

The car crash wasn't the only mis-step for Lohan who was arrested last month (and now faces misdemeanor charges) for getting in a punching fight with a woman at a New York City nightclub.

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Then there was the time back in September when she allegedly ran over a pedestrian in a parking garage at a NYC hotel and, let's not forget about the hotel toom brawl that erupted over some photos Congressional aid, Christian LaBella took. And, of course, in October the cops were dispatched to her mom, Dina Lohan's, Long Island home after neighbors reported a violent fight between the mother and daughter.

Oh, and let's not forger her biggest affront of all; her "Liz & Dick" movie for Lifetime which was so bad it was truly criminal.

We'll have to wait till January to see whether she gets taken away in cuffs or skates free yet again.



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