'Mad Men': How Much It Costs to Be Don Draper in 2012

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jon hamm
Jon Hamm


The Cost of Don Draper Then vs. Now

The return of Mad Men is upon us, and attention turns to Don Draper and the always-debonair Jon Hamm yet again.

Credit Sesame created a new infographic to illustrate what it would cost to be Don Draper in today's world.

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They explain: "Don Draper is a man of refined tastes: he drives a Cadillac Coup De Ville, owns a charming home in Westchester, NY, and has a proclivity for the original gentleman's drink, the old-fashioned. But that was then and this is now, so what did these things cost in 1962 and how do they compare to the equivalent costs today? We dug up the numbers on everything from credit cards and total debt per household, to housing prices and the cost for a tank of gas, to find out just how much the prices have changed over the decades."

With 2012 dollars, for example, Draper's annual salary would be $356,510 (though someone with Draper's equivalent job as an advertising ad director makes an average annual salary of $133,641), while his car fill up cost $6.91 for gas in 1962 would be $84.96 now.

What I find interesting is that a hotel room in 1962 cost $10 ... what?

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For more Jon Hamm fun, check out this video of Hamm and Jimmy Fallon playing a game of Water War.

Wow, he's cute soaking wet.



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