Man Involved In Insane Car Crash Cheats Death; Walks Away Like Nothing Happened [VIDEO]

In Life by Ivan Ciano , on Saturday, June 23, 2012, 7:34 AM (PDT)
A lucky horseshoe that the would-be victim probably owned; Photo Credit:


Video of the accident included below

When battling adversity and surviving a life event that could have otherwise been tragic, one will usually wonder how they'd cope with their stroke of luck ... Some will be thankful, some will immediately play the lottery, and many will be boastful.  In the case of this frightening-looking car accident, the would-be victim was forcefully ejected from his vehicle, but thankfully spared from suffering any serious injuries.  Like John Wayne riding off into the sunset, he just walked away as if he didn't nearly have an encounter with the grim reaper.

Of course, my words wouldn't be able to do the accident any justice, so take a look at the video included below!

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