Marilyn Manson Collapsed On Stage

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mOBSCENE or Not, Rocker Marilyn Manson Collapsed During a Live Show

Shock rocker, Marilyn Manson, collapsed during a show in Saskatoon, Canada last night. The details are still sketchy, but here's what we know.

Brian Hugh Warner, better known as the "Rock is Dead" performer, Marilyn Manson, was in Canada for a string of shows and was apparently feeling fine before taking to the stage.

In a video that has since been pulled from YouTube, we could see that his band didn't even notice that during their rendition of "Beautiful People," Manson topples backwards and that when he returned to the stage about a minute later, he appeared to be doubled over in pain.

According to reports, the shock rocker was treated by EMTs and news about his condition remains unavailable at this time.

UPDATE: It's now been revealed that Manson, 44, has been suffering from the flu for several days and he was reluctant to cancel his show and disappoint fans. He was treated at the scene and went back to his hotel to rest and recuperate.

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Is this truly the end of the road for Weiland and STP? Time -- and that teased "more to come" from the band's reps -- will tell.
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