Marine Wife Killer Said 'Dexter' TV Show Inspired Her

In Life by Wendy Michaels , on Friday, July 20, 2012, 8:06 AM (PDT)


Real Life Murder Inspired by TV Show?

A Marine wife who killed another Marine wife said that the TV show Dexter was the inspiration for her crime.

Violence on TV does give people in real life ideas, after all.

Jessica Lopez wrote a note to police, detailing the grisly way in which she killed Marine wife Brittany Dawn Killgore, explaining that she strangled her "as if my idol Dexter had spoken directly to me."


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Lopez explains how the murder was inspired by the show Dexter, which follows a blood splatter analys/serial killer.

She wrote, "I made a few attempts to chop her up like Dexter with Masters power tools but I was afraid it was too loud and it sucked at cutting flesh."

Somehow Lopez thought what she saw on television would be easy, but noted, "I thought I was defending the family and it would be simple like Dexter."

Lopez, Staff Sgt. Louis Perez, and Dorothy Maraglino have been charged with the murder, but her note claims the other two parties had nothing to do with the killing.

Investigators aren't buying it, given the trio's "sadistic sexual lifestyle that included bondage, pain and a "sex dungeon,"" the LA Times reports.

Police believe Perez and Maraglino sexually attacked Killgore, who agreed to go on a dinner cruise with Perez on April 13.

It's believed Killgore was killed within hours of being picked up; she was found dead days later.

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Lopez was discovered by investigators "in a motel room in San Diego, bare-breasted, drunk and bloody from a suicide attempt."

In her note, Lopez admitted to killing Killgore because she believed she was having an affair with Perez (whom she refers to as "Master").

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