Matt Damon to Play Lance Armstrong on the Big Screen?

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Producers Reportedly Worried Ending Will Now Be "Depressing"

Lance Armstrong's international doping scandal - which just resulted in the disgraced cyclist being stripped of all medals and titles while also being dropped by his corporate sponsors - was clearly horrible in terms of his career, but it's going to make for a fascinating movie. And it's the reason Hollywood big wigs are looking to get an Armstrong biopic into production ASAP.

Lance is personal friends with actors Matthew McConaughey and Jake Gyllenhaal, but another A-lister is close to nabbing the role, according to a new report in The Sun: Matt Damon.

But while there's no doubt Damon could embody Armstrong, there is alleged concern about the movie being a total downer given the sour note on which his professional career seems to be ending.

"Most sports film end in an inspirational victory," a source tells the paper. Right now, however, "it's hard to work out what the ending would be."

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"The current ending is too depressing," the source adds. "It would be a more appealing story with a more hopeful final act."

Barring the results of Lance's wins and medals being reinstated (which, lets face it, is never going to happen), we can't think of a way a movie about his cycling career could end on a high note.

But does it really matter? We'd still see a movie about Lance Armstrong's life - and what really went on behind closed doors when it came to his steroid use - even if it has a less-than-happy ending. Would you?


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