McDonald's Changes Grilled Chicken Recipe

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Do you want mirepoix with that?

McDonald's is tinkering with your tastebuds. The fast food giant has announced it will be changing the recipe of its grilled chicken sandwiches, and will switch Italian-style seasoning for something a little more je ne sais quois.

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Mickey D's head chicken chef says the recipe for the chain's grilled chicken sandwiches will be tweaked in order to achieve a more neutral flavor.

The new seasoning will be a mixture of "mirepoix, salt and pepper, maybe a little garlic and herb," says Dan Condreaut, McDonald's Senior director of culinary innovation.

Mirepoix, for those not in the culinary loop, is a traditional French sauce consisting of onions, carrots, celery and herbs sauteed in butter.

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Also up for change is the sandwich's bun, which will now be circular instead of oval and will now be made with whole wheat.

But don't worry, fast food fiends. No major changes are coming to those crispy, heavenly little Chicken McNuggets ... except an expansion of sauces available.

Serial dippers will now be able to taste a ranch with "more of a buttermilk flavor" and a new Thai-inspired sauce with buffalo spices and sweet chili.

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