McDonald's in Other Countries: Lobster, Spaghetti, Brie and Beer [PHOTOS]

In Life by Kim Muraro , on Tuesday, June 12, 2012, 6:27 AM (PDT)
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And For Dessert: Chocolate and Orange Pie

McDonald's, as points out, has been holding out on its American customers. Big Macs, french fries and apple pies have given way to more, um, unique fare on other countries' McDonald's menus, including the Mega Tomago in Japan, and Seaweed Shaker Fries and the Chocolate and Orange Pie in Asia.

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Among the other unusual delights on McDonald's foreign menus:

-- McCurry Pan (India): a rectangular bread bowl filled with chicken and veggies in curry sauce;

-- Carbonara Chicken Sandwich (Japan): a chicken breast dipped in white sauce on a bun with scrambled eggs, bacon and mozzarella cheese;

-- Bacon and Potato Pie (Japan): a deep-fried pie filled with mashed potatoes, bacon and cheese;

-- Mega Tomago (Japan): a double Big Mac with an egg and bacon;

-- Chicken Maharaja Mac (India): a Big Mac with spicy grilled chicken instead of beef patties;

-- Chicken Porridge (Malaysia): Chicken and veggies in porridge;

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-- McSpaghetti (Philippines): pasta with tomato sauce and cheese;

-- McRice Burgers (Philippines): beef or chicken patties on sticky rice "buns";

-- Brie Nuggets (Russia): deep-fried brie cheese sticks;

-- Seaweed Shaker Fries (Asia): fries with a packet of seaweed seasoning.

Check out for dozens more McDonald's menu items not available in the United States -- including lobster rolls and beer -- and check out our slideshow below to get a peek at the McCurry Pan and other Mickey D's foreign treats.

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