Meet New Bond Girl Berenice Marlohe

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Bérénice Marlohe


Berenice Loves A Good Thai Massage

Berenice Marlohe is not your average Bond girl. For one, the French actress and Skyfall star speaks four languages and is a trained pianist. But she also has amazing powers of sexual persuasion, as Daniel Craig knows all too well.

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The 33-year-old actress plays vixen Severine in the latest Bond film, which opens this weekend in theaters everywhere, but she didn't always think the role would work out.

Born in Paris, Marlohe's mother is French and her father is Khmer-Chinese -- a heritage that the actress believed would make her unsuitable for a Bond girl.

But oh how wrong she was. Berenice turns heads in Skyfall as the latest Bond love interest, even steaming up the screen for a shower scene with co-star Craig, whom she had to gently persuade to get naked with her. Something tells me that wasn't all that hard to do.

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So, really, who is this woman? Here's a few interesting facts about the beautiful Berenice Marlohe:

  • She is single, and says all she wants is a man who can make her laugh, cook well and give Thai massages.
  • Her celebrity crush is Christopher Walken.
  • She is the current brand ambassador for Omega watches.
  • Strong believer in fate - Berenice says she dreamed that she would be cast along side Javier Bardem a full 6 months before her Bond audition.
  • Her favorite Bond girl is Famke Jannsen, from 1995's Goldeneye.
  • She loves to shoot big guns and really wants to be a villain, maybe even the next Joker.
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Posted By jnumkttj (1 year ago)
She is too hot man. But I think not everytime bond girl should be from UK. They now needs to choose Indian Girls as they are too hot to be fit as a Bond Girl. I have some photos in my blog. Maybe you should rather check those before commenting.
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