Meet Stanley, the Adult Baby [VIDEO]

In Life by Wendy Michaels , on Wednesday, May 23, 2012, 12:55 PM (PDT)
Adult baby


Stanley Says Adult Baby Obsession Isn't Sexual

From the weird files... some people really enjoy playing the part of a baby, and I'm not just talking about a little whining and complaining.

I'm talking about a total adult baby, as in the case of Stanley. interviewed Stanley Thornton Jr., who has appeared on National Geographic's Taboo and TLC's My Crazy Obsession.

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Stanley, 30, enjoys getting his diaper changed, sucking on a pacifier, and drinking from a bottle. In short, he enjoys the adult baby lifestyle.

In the interview, Gawker discovered that Stanley first had this urge when he was 14, after trying out diapers at age 13 when he wet the bed.

He explains how he bought his first pacifier and a baby bottle, saying, "That afternoon I was home alone and decided to role-play a bit. I had a baby bottle of milk and watched cartoons while sucking on the pacifier. It was great."

Naturally, his family aren't fans of his lifestyle, but maintains that his family "never really liked me. Even before the baby stuff."

His friends are a different story, because, he says, "99 percent of my friends are Adult Babies like me, or Diaper Lovers. So they already understand and are fine with what I am into."

He shares that he has play dates with his Adult Baby/Diaper Lovers friends and they role-play together.

If this all blows your mind just a bit, consider that he mainly does the role-playing "in the privacy of my home."

When he does it in public, he explains that he goes to a park "when it's empty, such as in the early morning when it first opens, as I don't approve of role-playing in front of children."

Stanley talks about how he likes to be "babied by Mommies," but that it's not sexual.

He explains, "Being babied by a Mommy is my favorite role-playing. Thanks to the TLC show, I connected with an AB female who saw me and felt a connection to be my Mommy. We talked and we really hit it off."

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He hopes that his new "Mommy" can save up to move out to California, but says, "It's too early to tell 100 percent, but there might be a possible boyfriend/girlfriend relationship there. We will see. We have tons in common. To date, we only clash on two topics, politics and religion. But those are hot topics anyway."

What do you think about adult baby role playing?

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Comments (3)
Posted By Teddy (2 years ago)
I say live and let live. As long as he's not harming anyone else, who am I to pass judgement and condemn him.
Posted By pamperjohn (231 days ago)
he love wearing and wetting pampers and luvs baby diapers".he said wearing baby diapers make him feel like a real baby.
Posted By pamperjohn (231 days ago)
pampers and luvs and huggiess should go a head and make there baby diapers in teen size and adult size".
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