Michael Jackson 'Glee' Episode: The Real Scoop!

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Ryan Seacrest tweeted that Hairspray director Adam Shankman was directing the highly-anticipated MJ episode of Glee, but is that the truth? Read on, BFFs!

It would seem like a match made in heaven: Hairspray director Adam Shankman would be helming the eagerly awaited Michael Jackson episode of Glee - but unfortunately, HollywoodLifers, that isn't QUITE what's going to happen!

"I didn't say I was doing the Michael Jackson episode!" the 45-year-old So You Think You Can Dance judge protested backstage at the Fox show August 5 in Los Angeles. "

After hearing that Ryan Seacrest - who had interviewed Adam earlier that day - had tweeted the false news to his followers, he exclaimed, "I love that because all I did was go ‘hee hee'! I literally sent an email to Ryan Murphy saying, ‘I had nothing to do with this.' What Ryan and I discussed is that the details aren't all in and I don't even know what music they'll use for the episode. He came up with an idea of what he wants me to do. It's just all in a logistical phase."

He reconfirmed, "It's not the [episode] everyone thinks it is."

As for which Glee cast member he's most excited to work with, well, the young cast members don't get Adam's number one vote! "I love them all. I absolutely adore them. But I'll tell you who I'm dying to work with: Jane Lynch!"

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Posted By kbsnwback (3 years ago)
I'm very excited to see this episode!
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