Michael Strahan's "Live!" to FOX NFL Commute Involves Two Cross-Country Flights -- in Three Days

In Celebs by Kim Muraro , on Friday, September 14, 2012, 6:45 AM (PDT)
michael strahan cross country commute


But Oh the Frequent Flyer Miles He'll Rack Up

His bank account, no doubt, is getting fatter by the minute, or so we hope, since new Kelly Ripa co-host Michael Strahan has one of the world's most exhausting commutes.

The newbie co-star of Live! with Kelly and Michael plays morning talk show co-host Monday through Friday in New York City, but is continuing to co-star on Fox's Fox NFL Sunday pre-game show in Los Angeles.

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Yes, that means he gets on a flight from NYC to LA on Friday, and a flight from LA back to NYC on Sunday … two looong cross-country airplane trips in just three days. And the getting up super early on Monday morning.

So, yeah, here's hoping he's very well-compensated for his moonlighting efforts.

One thing the former football pro says he is definitely getting plenty of: ribbing from his Fox cohorts about some of the wacky activities he engages in on Live!

"Of course they're cracking jokes about me," he tells USA Today. "They'll say something like, 'We saw you wearing tights the other day.'"

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Strahan, who had guest hosted Live! more than a dozen times before he officially became Regis Philbin's permanent replacement this week, has already helped boost the show's ratings.

His first week on Live! helped the show achieve its best season premiere week ratings in six seasons, and the show's ratings among women 18-34 were up almost 50 percent.

Which means he's definitely earning that rumored $16 million a year salary his Fox NFL Sunday co-star Terry Bradshaw thinks he's earning.

"That's just Terry being Terry and throwing out a number," Strahan says. "Because who in the hell tells you what they're making?"

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