Miley Cyrus Nude Pics Go Viral from Stolen Phone

In Celebs by KGaz , on Friday, December 03, 2010, 4:24 AM (PST)
miley cyrus
Miley Cyrus in MADRID, SPAIN - Sunday November 7, 2010: Optic Photos,


Alleged Miley Cyrus nude photos go viral.

Looks like Miley Cyrus wanted to take pics of her great bod, but we can be pretty certain she didn't intend for the world to see them! After Miley's iPhone was stolen from her house last weekend, nude photos featuring Miley -- or a really good clone -- have hit the Web. Here's why we think it's Miley Cyrus starring in these nude pics.

Remember last spring when Perez Hilton almost went to jail for reportedly posting photos of Miley Cyrus wearing no underwear? The teen queen was still 17 back then, but she just celebrated her 18th legally, apart from the stolen cell phone bit, whoever launched these nude photos seems pretty much in the clear.

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After Miley's phone went missing last weekend, this reported Miley Cyrus nude pic hit the Internet. Our pals at Hollywood Life have listed why this is almost certainly Miley posing for these nude self portraits, besides the fact that she's totally rebelling against her parents' impending divorce:

"[Cyrus is] posing in a plaid shirt (unbuttoned to, everything) that she's been photographed wearing before. And her hair sure looks like the Miley-do.

Internet sleuths have also pointed out other factors that could prove this is indeed the Hannah Montana star and not a fake. Same nail polish, same phone, and the same wrist band she's been seen out and about with. So this is either a poser who really did her homework, or Miley has some serious explaining to do."

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It's good to see a girl who loves her body...but how about some self-respect when millions of people are watching you?! At press time there was no response from the Cyrus camp...stay with LimeLife for the updates.



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Comments (1)
Posted By CC-Croft (3 years ago)
The picture of Miley 'revealing her lack of panties' was a fake. I work in the editing field and it wouldn't be that hard to fake this by just working the body part of it. Other reporters are figuring it IS a fake. Even if it's not, it was on her personal phone, never meant for the public. Probably meant for Liam. It's sad that people do this to one another.
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