Military Hurricane Relief Workers in NYC Kicked Out of Building So Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Could Go On [VIDEO]

In Fashion by Kim Muraro , on Thursday, November 08, 2012, 6:35 AM (PST)
victoria's secret fashion show


Nice Priorities, Victoria's Secret

Even New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg had to eventually admit his initial declaration that the New York City Marathon go on amidst the hardships suffered in NYC after Hurricane Sandy was the wrong decision. But the Victoria's Secret folks apparently felt their show had to go on no matter how much the city is still struggling to bounce back.

The annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was taped Wednesday night in Manhattan's Lexington Armory building, a building that had been the sleeping quarters for 300 military personnel who've been providing post-hurricane relief aid throughout the area.

But more than 200 of the service personnel were being moved to other locations throughout the city, so that the lingerie show -- which doesn't even air on CBS until December -- could be filmed.

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The New York Post reports about 150 military personnel were jammed into a space meant for 50, so the Victoria's Secret show workers could set up equipment and temporary dressing rooms. And, this all went down as New York City was being hit with yet another storm.

Okay, we get it … life must go on, and we all need to get back to business as usual as soon as possible. But the bottom line is that NYC is not back to business as usual yet, and one of the keys to getting the city going as quickly as possible is the service of these National Guardsmen, Army and Air Force personnel who are working hard to make it so.

And those people deserve a comfortable -- as comfortable as an armory can be -- place to sleep, and to not be shuffled around needlessly, especially for a fashion show.

But they were, and the show did go on, the Post reports, with Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio wearing the $2.5 million Fantasy Bra for the show.

The special, which features performances by Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Bruno Mars, is scheduled to air on CBS on Dec. 4.

Watch a video news report on the show below:

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Posted By Bill (1 year ago)
Im so sick of VS patting themselves on the back for helping out the military. I was there I was one of the Guardsmen they kicked out so there over priced dog and pony show could go on. All they did was make sure they didnt lose money. yes we appreciate the fact they got us power by using their generator but we are the military we would have survived without their help. They didnt give a crap about what we wer edoing and why we were there it was all about the "Show Must Go On!"
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