Monica Bellucci Finds Marital Fidelity "Ridiculous"

In Celebs by KGaz , on Sunday, March 20, 2011, 5:27 AM (PDT)
monica bellucci
Monica Bellucci, Vincent Cassel:


Monica Bellucci spills on marriage with Vincent Cassel.

They're two of the most beautiful, famous celebrities in the world: but are Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel faithful? Monica's revealing her philosophy on fidelity in her it controversial, or progressive?

You may know Monica Bellucci from some of the world's highest-market fashion campaigns, as well as internationally selling films like "The Passion of the Christ." Bellucci is heralded as one of the most stunning actresses to ever come out of Italy, and -- as if her status couldn't rise anymore -- she's married to sexy French actor Vincent Cassel ("Black Swan").

Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel reign among international film stars, but when they're not on red carpets or spending time with their two children in their homes across Europe, Monica has a very realistic -- er, offensive? -- view of their marriage. "Passion you can feel for the worst man you ever met," Bellucci, 46, explains. "But that has nothing to do with a deeper partnership. In such a one, passion stays, but more important is confidence, respect, knowing a man is not just loyal in a sex way, but that they will be there for you. That is more important than just fidelity."

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More important than fidelity? What, in a marriage, could be more important than fidelity? Monica Bellucci says loyalty -- his support of you -- and elegance are more crucial. "It would be ridiculous to ask [fidelity] of him if I hadn't been there for two months," Monica says. "You can't ask such things as who has he been seeing, what has he been up to? It is more respectful and realistic to take the view that you'll be with me when I see you."

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Comments on our source's page run the gamut, from readers suggesting Monica's Italian DNA makes her a nymphomaniac (come on, that is such a stereotype; I lived in Italy and it's not characteristic at all of Italian women) to one commenter called N.D. who I think put it beautifully: "I think it's not so much her being italian (or him French) as her being geneticaly incapable of being insecure about herself. She's a goddess and she owns it. He's not going anywhere."

It's not Italian, it's not French, it's not traditional, it's not liberal: it's evidence that every couple is different and that the concept of love is too big to be put in a box. Hit the blue links for more celeb love.

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