More Pets Died on Delta Last Year Than Any Other Airline

In Life by Wendy Michaels , on Friday, February 17, 2012, 9:58 AM (PST)
pet deaths
More pets died on Delta than other airlines


35 Pets Died Aboard U.S. Flights: 19 on Delta

A new report circulating reveals that 35 pets died while flying aboard U.S. carriers last year, and of those, 19 were on Delta flights.

What happened on those flights to cause so many pets to die?

First of all, to put the number into perspective, Delta transports 500,000 pets per year.

The airline banned breeds with "smushed" faces, like bulldogs, last year because they often suffer from overheating. In the year prior, of 16 pet deaths on Delta flights, six were bulldogs. The cause of death for those pets in 2011 were mostly due to pre-existing health conditions and the stress of travel contributed to their demise.

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Delta spokesman Anthony Black told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, "The loss of any pet is unacceptable to us. We are working to improve the processes and procedures to ensure that every pet arrives safely at its destination."

Delta actually takes a higher volume of pets as compared to other airlines, so it's no wonder they have the bulk of pet death and injuries.

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Why aren't flight conditions better for animals?

A lot of the reports note that the stress associated with travel contributed to animals who already had heart or circulatory conditions.

You have to wonder what the temperature and air quality is like in cargo, however. I wouldn't want to subject my dog to it.

Would you put an animal on a flight?

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