Mother Raped Her Own Daughter To Teach "Sex Education"

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Judge: "You Were Obsessed With Sex And Your Life Was In Chaos"

A woman in Australia has been sentenced to four years in jail for raping her 11 year old daughter as part of a "bizarre sex education."

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A 37 year old mother of four in Sunshine Coast, Queensland, was sentenced to prison after videotaping repeated rapes of her young daughter, just one of many "lessons" the mother gave as part of a "bizarre sexual education," the presiding judge said.

The woman, who had her first child when she was just 16, became "obsessed with sex" after beginning a relationship with a man over the internet.

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She then began forcing her daughter to watch sexual videos she was exchanging with the man, the start of a twisted effort to teach the young girl about sex.

"From the start you characterised your behaviour as some form of bizarre sex education with the child which did not involve sexual gratification from you... You were obsessed with sex and your life was in chaos," the judge said.

The judge added that the woman's "selfish criminal conduct," had stripped the young girl's right to "a wholesome and loving relationship with her mother."

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Comments (4)
Posted By scott (2 years ago)
Someone, please put a plug in mother........... She needs a lot of help, but not as much as her daughter. Daughter should be removed and at a later date be given the opportunity to see her mother, IF she so desires. She, mother, should be put away for a long time.
Posted By sheila (2 years ago)
Must make sure she, (the so called mother) does not come out from prison...
Posted By Robert (2 years ago)
This is so wrong on so many levels. I could see the things if the girl was older. 16 or 17. But that is just sick to start that at 11 or 12.
Posted By brinoice (2 years ago)
D mother nid help 4 dat is a taboo
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