Natalie Portman Spills About Morning Sickness

In Celebs by KGaz , on Monday, January 10, 2011, 10:28 AM (PST)
natalie portman


Portman says she feels "amazing."

It's the part of pregnancy every woman dreads, and Natalie Portman reveals she's been through it too. Portman's talking about morning sickness and the reported "rough start" to her pregnancy...and we may be learning more -- finally! -- about when she's due.

Natalie Portman's team announced right after Christmas that the 29-year-old star was pregnant and engaged to Benjamin Millepied, her choreographer for "Black Swan." Despite her surprising frequent trips down the red carpet following the announcement, Portman's been pretty private about the details of her pregnancy.

But there's one topic she's willing to spout off about: morning sickness. Portman has just talked to reporters and revealed how her physical state is faring these days. We read a report stating she'd kicked her pregnancy off with a "rough start," but now Natalie says she's much better: "I feel amazing," Portman said. "I had a bit of sickness at the beginning but I'm feeling good now."

And while we're happy to hear she's healthy, we're also psyched for what she's revealing. The passing of morning sickness typically means a woman is into her second trimester, which goes along with our estimation of Portman's pregnancy timeline. Noticed that baby bump she's been boasting on all those red carpets? For a petite little lady like Natalie to be showing so adorably, we figure she's about five months along, which sets her due for delivery around late spring.

Meanwhile, why is Natalie Portman growing more candid about her personal life? Experts say it's strategic. Flip through our slideshow, then hit the blue links for the background.

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