New Book Says Jennifer Aniston Kicked Brad Pitt Out of Their Home When She Learned About 'Brangelina' (POLL)

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Producer of Mr. & Mrs. Smith Confirms in a New Book That Brad Pitt Lived at His House During Filming of the Movie

Angelina Jolie has emphatically denied that she became involved with Brad Pitt while she was co-starring with him in the 2005 action-romance Mr. & Mrs. Smith, but reports that a new book quotes the producer of the film as not only confirming that the two did hook up during filming, but that Pitt's then-wife Jennifer Aniston immediately threw him out of their home when she learned of the affair.

Confidential: The Life of Secret Agent Turned Hollywood Tycoon Arnon Milchan, by authors Meir Doran and Joseph Gelman, recalls that Pitt was supposed to star in Mr. & Mrs. Smith opposite Nicole Kidman. When the two proved to have no chemistry, Pitt dropped out of the project.

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Enter Angelina Jolie as the female lead, and Pitt was back in. Once they started filming, rumors swirled throughout Hollywood about an affair, the book claims, and despite Aniston's suspicions, everyone, including Pitt, told her nothing was going on.

Then, during a trip to the Caribbean with BFFs Courteney Cox and David Arquette, Pitt reportedly confessed to Aniston that he was in love with Jolie. Aniston responded by throwing him out of their house.

Back in Los Angeles, Pitt moved in with his film's producer, Milchan.

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"Brad drove each day to the set, and everywhere else, on a motorcycle and he wore a wraparound helmet with a tinted visor so no one would recognize him. He stayed with me for the duration of filming," the authors of the book quote Milchan as saying.

The rest, of course, is Brangelina history. Aniston and Pitt announced their separation in January 2005, Aniston filed for divorce in March and Brangelina and their brood remain together today.

Unless you believe the Brangelina breakup stories that pepper the tabloids at least once a month …

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Angelina Jolie has denied she and Brad Pitt got together during "Mr. & Mrs. Smith," when he was still married to Jennifer Aniston ... a new book claims otherwise; who's telling the truth?

  1. I believe Angelina ... why would she lie, when they obviously were together sometime before Brad Pitt was divorced?
  2. Angelina is a homewrecker.


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Comments (7)
Posted By Eugenia (3 years ago)
I hate lies and these tabloidish bios. Arnon Milchan says nothing about Brad Pitt's marriage or divorce. Milchan is talking about Brad traveling to the set during the final remakes of this movie and that was in late March to early April 2005 almost 3 months after Brad and Jennifer issued their separation statement and after divorce papers were filed. These authors are full of baloney. In fact everything they say is incorrect. Nicole had to drop out due to her shooting schedule for The Stepford Wives not because they had no chemistry. Brad was back on board BEFORE they cast Angelina. Brad and Jennifer separated in early January 2005 and they both continued living in their house for a short period of time after this and were on great enough terms that they were seen having dinner out and Brad threw Jennifer a birthday party in mid February. Plus Brad did not stay with Milchan during the entire shoot he stayed with him on and off for brief periods of time over the course of a year both before and after they split. After the split Brad had already moved into his own new house when they did the 2005 reshoots for Smith. Why must these people lie about celebs? You'd think their lives and the truth would be interesting enough without it.
Posted By Virtue (3 years ago)
This book about Milchan is fraudulent and full of false claims that even the nasty tabloids and Jennifer Aniston's ruthless PR camp did not make. Pitt did not have an affair with Jolie, there was no confession, and Jennifer did not kick them out of their house. 1. The shooting of Mr. and Mrs. Smith continued after his separation and it was away from the Los Angeles area. He was also promoting Ocean's Thirteen before his separation was annouced. 2. Aniston released a joint statement with Pitt about their separation being mutual and amicable. She did not state there was infidelity or even pointed to Jolie until he hooked up with Jolie about 3 months after his separation was annouced to milk the media's targetting of Pitt. Pitt and Aniston's behavior was amicable. They went to Oscar parties together, the movies together, and he even threw a birthday party for her. Does this behavior sound reasonable for a woman who found out about infidelity?! That does not make sense. 3. Pitt did not move out of their home until late January. He stayed with Cindy Crawford and Randy Gerber until his new home in Malibu was ready in February. It is ridiculous, he spent only one night crashing at Milchan's place while shooting. Also, Aniston did not file under infidelity and if those claims were true...that would be considered infidelity. She and her friends spread a lot of lies but they did not go as far as Milchan or these writers to fabricate a confession or evidence. The media has also lied about what Pitt and Jolie have said in interviews but Pitt has always maintained every year, that his romance with Jolie began after his separation which was the truth! 4. The gossip began during shooting and then spread to the tabloids because gossip-mongers on set irresponsibly started stories which is not uncommon on a movie set but this time it went out of control. He claims to have an inside track on an affair but he shares no details or information about actually seeing Jolie and Pitt being romantic or illicit together before his separation was annouced. It sounds like when Pitt and Jolie became an item in late March, like a lot of fickle and shallow people...just chose to presume that Pitt was lying about it when the romance began after his separation. 5. There were reshoots after the separation and Pitt-Jolie were promoting the movie. They did become an item when the movie was released. Pitt was dealing with a lot of unloyalty and deception because Hollywood went out of control in misportraying everything according to a made-up scandal. This was media corruption and Hollywood sleaze at its worst. Pitt became a target over a fabricated scandal. Milchan is no different than any other opportunist or sleazy Hollywood type looking to cash in on the coverage of this made-up scandal. Pitt was respectful towards Aniston even after her lies and PR campaigning at his expense. She treated him like a doormat. So many lies with his claims.
Posted By Concerned aboutthe World (3 years ago)
That book is full of lies and contradictions. Sadly, the media and greedy Hollywood sellouts will do or say anything to get attention or profit over a fictional scandal. There have been dozens of books and tv specials in the past that pulled the same move. You even had journalists adding lies and twisting words in Pitt and Jolie's interviews. Both Pitt and Jolie have maintained that their romance did not begin until after his separation which is the truth. Pitt hates discussing this or dealing with press slander but the only thing he has repeated year after year especially after the media makes up confessions is that he did not committ adultery and Jolie was not the cause of his breakup. It is also sad because people used to love Brad for his great personality, authenticity, and goodness. He is a very genuine person and his longtime fans should have remembered that while recognizing it is common for co-stars to deal with gossip and for actors to move on with their leading ladies after a breakup. Pitt and Jolie were not the first ones to be accused and trapped in a media web but they were the first couple to be destroyed because his ex chose to paint a false impression by exploiting these misconceptions and even adding some. Aniston never had the audacity to lie and claim Pitt confessed or that there was proof because there NEVER was! Angelina is not a homewrecker but sadly looking at the poll results, most of the world has been brainwashed into believing this, becoming obsessed with something that never happend, and going by misportrayals and crazy spin. It is crazy back when Angelina was a wild child she had more respect. When she reformed her ways and changed into a respectable woman with a good relationship and many accomplishments to inspire other troubled women, she becames wrongly hated and a target for any journalist or for any shameless person in the entertainment industry looking for attention!
Posted By VakLoo (3 years ago)
lol, I would have dumped Aniston for Jolie without thinking twice!
Posted By rao (3 years ago)
@vakloo What?!?!!? are you crazy?!?! aniston is waaay hotter than jolie. unless you're into 90lb twiggy bitches that wear their guys blood in necklaces and make out with their brothers. oh and used to bone billy bob thornton....eck. dont forget the fact that she is trying to collect every minority to adopt. she is too weird.
Posted By June (2 years ago)
Exactly, he states that Jen threw Brad out in March as soon as she heard about "angie". Yet they went on vacation in January where Brad told her about Angie. "What'? Then he says it was April when the filed for divorce, yet state records show January. What BS.
Posted By honeybunn (2 years ago)
Please folks save your comments about the breakup with brad pitt and jennifer aniston. angelina jolie set out to steal brad from jen and she succeeded. She even got pregnant before the divorce was final. to trap Pitt.she never gave pitt a chance to reconcile with jennifer.I believe if jennifer had taken him back he would be with her now.Pitt has always said that a part of him will always love jenniferand Angelina know this.I believe pitt regrets it all.I believe that jolie is holding up the wedding until she feels that she has brad totally.Brad lied about his marriage to jen in that article because he was jealous of Justin Theroux relationship with jennifer.I truly believe Brads marriage to angelina is contingent upon whether jen marrys justin.
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