Breastfeeding Doll Too Creepy for Kids? Yep.

In Life by Wendy Michaels , on Tuesday, November 19, 2013, 12:25 PM (PST)
Breastfeeding baby doll


Breast Milk Baby Doll Draws Criticism

Will America's hottest toy this holiday season be the breastfeeding baby doll?

Probably not, but it may well qualify as the creepiest.

The breastfeeding doll, named Breast Milk Baby, came out last year, and wasn't a hit with consumers. And, now, it's under fire yet again.

Is it that big of a deal?

Here's the controversy: the doll makes suckling sounds when held to a halter top's petal applique sensors that line up with a little girl's nipples.

It's a little weird, to be sure, but it has both critics and staunch supporters 

Those in favor of the doll maintain that nothing could be more natural than breastfeeding. We certainly shouldn't feel like our kids can't be exposed to it ... but does the doll send the wrong message?

Bill O'Reilly noted, "I just want the kids to be kids. And this kind of stuff. We don't need this," AP reports.

Dennis Lewis, U.S. representative for the toy company that makes the dolls, Berjuan Toys, said it's difficult to get these dolls in the mainstream, but says, "We've had a lot of support from lots of breastfeeding organizations, lots of mothers, lots of educators."

Lewis is quick to add that "There also has been a lot of blowback from people who maybe haven't thought to think about really why the doll is there and what its purpose is. Usually they are people that either have problems with breastfeeding in general, or they see it as something sexual."

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He explains, "With retailers it's been hard, to be perfectly honest, but not so much because they've been against the products. It's more they've been very wary of the controversy. It's a product that you either love it or you hate it."

Since their introduction last year, Lewis says fewer than 5,000 of the dolls have been sold, chalking it up to "taboos" over the subject matter. Maybe they'll sell better in a less uptight market than the U.S.?

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Comments (3)
Posted By Steve (285 days ago)
Why is our society so freaked out by the idea that the primary purpose of a breast is for feeding babies. It's the way 100% of our babies have been fed up till the time formula was invented. It's the way every other mammal on the planet is fed. The ONLY reason some people think this toy is creepy is because our society has decided that it's so. We'd rather train our kids to sexualize breasts than to recognize them for the purpose they were created for in the first place. I guess the upside to this is that the formula and porn industries make more money. Pretty sure no one else wins.
Posted By Phil (285 days ago)
I was going to add my two cents, but I think Steve summed it pretty nicely.
Posted By Kristen (285 days ago)
But barbies dressed like sluts and boy toys that revolve around violence of some sort, that stuff's way cool.
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