New Denny's in Las Vegas Will Include a Wedding Chapel

In Love & Sex by Kim Muraro , on Tuesday, August 14, 2012, 7:23 AM (PDT)
denny's wedding chapel


Here Comes the … Grand Slam Wedding?

Yes, I'd like the Moons Over My Hammy breakfast, with a side of wedding cake, please … that's what guests of the soon-to-open Denny's restaurant in Las Vegas will be saying to their waitress, as the Vegas Denny's will be the first one in the chain to feature a wedding chapel in the middle of the restaurant.

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The 6,432-square-foot Denny's will open in the downtown Las Vegas shopping mall known as Neonopolis, reports The Las Vegas Sun (via

The restaurant will be decked out in "over-the-top" Vegas décor, a Denny's spokeswoman says, with the wedding chapel right in the middle of the dining space.

"It's unique. It's different. It's going to be an icon within Vegas. People are going to want to travel to see this Denny's," Denny's marketing chief Frances Allen says. "The wedding scene is such a part of Vegas, and who doesn't want a wedding cake made out of pancakes?"

She makes a good point, though we might also point out that a marriage that begins in the middle of a Las Vegas Denny's is a gamble of another kind.

Still, Denny's does make a mean pancake.

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Allen says because Denny's is a 24/7 eatery, it's a perfect fit with the around-the-clock Las Vegas lifestyle, and she says the new location's menu will include Denny's faves like the aforementioned Grand Slam and Moons Over My Hammy breakfasts, as well as some new entrees and a full bar.

"It's going to have all the things you love about Denny's," Allen says, "combined with the fun vibrancy of the area and some unexpected twists, as well."

The new Denny's restaurant and wedding destination is scheduled to open by the end of 2012.

Hey iHop, it's not too late for you to open a Vegas outpost that could specialize in quickie divorces for those Denny's weddings that don't work out.

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