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In Beauty by Kim Muraro , on Wednesday, April 11, 2012, 6:03 AM (PDT)
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The FDA Has Approved the Breast Implants, Which Are Soft and Firm, But Not Liquid-y … Like the Candy

First, no, these new breast implants are not literally made of gummy bears. But they've been nicknamed the "gummy bear implant" because of their new generation of silicone gel insides.

Unlike older breast implants, which are liquid-y inside, the gummy bear implants are soft, hold their shape and are not runny inside.

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"If you removed the shell covering, the silicone inside would retain its shape," Grant Stevens, a California plastic surgeon who participated in trials ofthe new boobs, told

"I got tired of explaining to patients that they’re sort of like Jell-O, which, when you cut it in squares, holds its shape. One day I just said, 'They’re like gummy bears.'"

The appeal of the new faux boobs, which the FDA approved in March for the company Sientra to produce in round and tear-drop shapes: they hold their shape, they are much less likely to leak and some women describe them as being marshmallow-like, which results to a more natural feeling.

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But, the downsides, as points out, remain the same as with older models of implants. The gummy bear implants still have the potential for infection, asymmetry, change of nipple sensation, scar tissue, rupture and the chance they'll need to be replaced after several years of wear.

However, as stats for breast augmentation surgery clearly prove, those potential negatives will not deter everyone.

In 2011, there were 316,848 breast augmentation operations performed in this country, which, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, is triple the number performed in 1997.

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