New Reality Show Asks: Can Daily Sex Save a Marriage? [POLL]

In Love & Sex by Kim Muraro , on Thursday, March 29, 2012, 6:03 AM (PDT)
7 days of sex lifetime


7 Days of Sex Premieres on Lifetime on April 26

Sex every day: is that something that would help save a troubled marriage, or could it work to further alienate a couple? That's the question posed by the upcoming Lifetime reality TV series 7 Days of Sex, in which couples with troubled marriages are asked to get busy every day for a week with hopes of strengthening their bonds.

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Lifetime's official description of the show: "Bringing to light the major cultural shift women are currently experiencing sexually, each episode of 7 Days of Sex will feature two couples who attempt to make radical fixes to their troubled relationships by asking the frank question: can a diet of daily sex help them recharge their marriage?"  

"Viewers will find out what happens when the program follows the emotional journey wives and husbands take together when they leave the cameras behind the closed door to explore their own sexual intuition, imagination and creativity and have sex with each other for seven consecutive days."

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How randy will the show get? Lifetime is basic cable, so don't go expecting Skinemax-like action.

On the other hand, it's Lifetime and they're exploring the most intimate of topics, and when you add in powerful emotions, it's probably a safe bet some of the episodes are going to get pretty raw.

"Bedroom insecurities will be thrown out the window as each couple alone tries to break away from the confines of their ordinary routines by once again bonding physically, sharing their fantasies, going on dates and doing special things for one another," Lifetime's press release continues.

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"With the goal to reconnect emotionally and remember why they originally fell in love as their physical intimacy and affection increase throughout the week, they’ll have a platform from which to identify and tackle their bigger issues.  Does a healthy sex life equal a healthy marriage?  Will daily sex become a chore?  Or will it be the glue that holds them together and be the long-lost key to newfound happiness in their lives? 

"What each couple discovers along the way may make or break their relationship."

7 Days of Sex, from the same production company responsible for The Real Housewives of New York City, Basketball Wives and America's Supernanny, premieres on Lifetime on April 26.

Will you tune in?

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Can sex alone make or break a marriage?

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