Nicki Minaj To Play Vegas New Year's Show for $5 Million -- Is She That Much of a Draw? [Poll]

In Celebs by LimeLife , on Monday, December 17, 2012, 8:45 AM (PST)
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Nicki Minaj Will Make a Bundle for Performing in Sin City

Starships may be meant to fly but Nicki Minaj is the one who should be over the moon. The outlandish rapper will reportedly rake in $5 million to host an event on New Year's Eve in Las Vegas.


The rapper (raptress?) is pulling in the monumental sum to host a show at the red hot Pure nightclub in Vegas -- and she may not even perform! 

How can this be?  Is she that much of draw that she's worth five MILLION bucks just to "host" an event?  It's not like she'll even be doing the party planning, set up or any of the other details that most hostesses do for parties.  This strikes me as supremely outrageous.  Especially when you remember that a few years back Beyoncé pulled in a mere $4 mil for attaching her (significantly more impressive) name to a year end event at the Wynn Hotel & Casino.

Something does not compute.

WATCH: Nicki Minaj Reality Show Clip

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