Nicole Richie's New Line of Sunglasses for House of Harlow

In Fashion by Susie Anderson , on Thursday, February 03, 2011, 5:50 AM (PST)
nicole richie
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Of course

I have a feeling Nicole Richie is going to be the next Jessica Simpson. And I totally mean that in a nice way. As in, Nicole is going to be the next celebrity to reach huge heights with her fashion lines. She's already on her way and Richie's House of Harlow just launched a line of sunglasses.

One of the things I love best about Nicole Richie's clothing lines is that everything she designs, you can totally see her wearing. And the same is absolutely true for her House of Harlow's new line of sunglasses. In fact, I'm surprised Nicole didn't launch a line of sunglasses soon. After all, isn't she kind of known for her big, crazy glasses? In fact, Richie has already been rocking her own sunglasses, so if you've seen any paparazzi shots of her lately, if she's wearing glasses, they're likely House of Harlow.

Need proof? Head over to and check out the House of Harlow sunglasses line. Nicole Richie is modeling almost every pair of the sunglasses in paparazzi shots. So, when we say she's wearing her new line out and about, we're really not kidding. However, I'm pretty sure the sunglasses you see here would suit Nicole Richie best.

nicole richie
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Nicole's line will carry just 6 styles of glasses (for now!), which will all run between $110 and $195, making them expensive but still affordable. They'll be available this spring. Which really just gives us one more reason why we desperately want spring to come. Though, these sunglasses would also be quite useful in blocking that awful reflection the sun makes on a snowbank.

You can shop the glasses now on and And suddenly I'm tempted to make like Nicole and wear a different pair of sunglasses every day.

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