No Doubt Releases New Single "Settle Down" [Listen Here]

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No Doubt is back on the map. 11 years after their last album, the band is gearing up for the release of their sixth studio album, Push and Shove, later this summer. Listen to their first single "Settle Down" here.

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With "Settle Down," vintage No Doubt fans will be pleasantly surprised to find the gang is still crafting clever, ska-tinged pop songs.

After an extended opening of strings, xylophones and what sounds like kids playing at the beach, the song kicks in with Gwen Stefani singing in truck driver slang.

The song then drifts between world music, beachside rock and even calypso, showing the band is still adept at making hit summertime music.

While the song was officially released Monday morning, the music video doesn't premiere until Monday evening. Directed by Sophie Muller, the video will feature the band's members reuniting at a truck stop after their decade-long hiatus.

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"The idea is they are all driving to meet after having had their separate lives over the last 10 years," Muller says.

Check out the song below, and make sure to grab No Doubt's new album, Push and Shove, when it releases on September 25.

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