Oh Look, Now The Olsen Twins Are Selling (Ugly) $55K Handbags [PHOTOS]

In Fashion by LimeLife , on Tuesday, December 04, 2012, 8:40 AM (PST)
mary kate and ashley olsen


The Olsens Are Known for Their Expensive Bags But ...

As everyone who's been around since Full House knows, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are fabulously rich twins who gave up acting to get into fashion design -- and, they've done extremely, extremely well for themselves at it.

mary kate and ashley olsen
Hi, I cost more than you make in a year. Two maybe.


Their label, The Row, is known for its luxurious materials and cutting edge fashions but it's most closely associated with outrageously priced handbags.

We reported last year about their insane $39,000 aligator backpack (which SOLD OUT, btw) and now, we're pleased (ok, maybe a tad revolted) to reveal that the twins have one-upped themselves by releasing a new line of limited edition bags that retail for $55K.

The line of nine bags has been created by avant garde artist Damien Hirst and will go on sale December 12. Get this, they're black patent leather nile crocodile and covered in prescription pills. HUH?  This pretty much sounds like an arts and crafts project for Lindsay Lohan.

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Oh, and to try to defray some of the snickering, The Row has announced that a portion of the proceeds (though no one's saying how much) from each sale will go to help UNICEF because, you know, everyone in Uganda has a designer purse.

If you want to glom onto one of these puppies, you'd better hurry as Hirst has only created 12 of each design. Hmm, released on 12/12 only 12 being made - this must be what the 12 Days of Christmas are all about.



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