Oksana Grigorieva: Mel Gibson Broke My Teeth

In Celebs by , on Monday, June 28, 2010, 5:15 AM (PDT)
oksana grigorieva


He says she shook the baby.

The fallout from the Mel Gibson/Oksana Grigorieva break up is hitting nuclear proportions. Gibson reportedly filed a restraining order against his former girlfriend last week, and now Grigorieva says Gibson punched her teeth out and gave her a concussion.

According to TMZ, Gibson and Grigorieva, who have a daughter named Lucia together, both filed restraining orders against each other, and both claimed the other was essentially off-their-rocker.

Before officially breaking up in April, the couple apparently got into a heated confrontation that eventually became physical. Gibson's people say Grigorieva shook their baby child, while her people say Gibson beat her up.

"She tried to protect the baby during one of Gibson's violent episodes when he punched Oksana in the face two times, breaking her teeth and giving her a concussion," a source told the celebrity site.

Then, last monday, Oksana filed a restraining order that prevents Gibson from coming within 100 feet of her. Apparently Oksana is upset that she believed Gibson would follow through on getting help with his anger issues.

"She tried to protect his reputation, depsite her fears of him and his verbal and physical abuse," a source tells TMZ. "She regrets having believed in his empty promises to obtain professional help to control his violent nature."

Whoever is at fault here, the one who pays the most in the end will probably be little Lucia. Hopefully her cavemen parents can resolve their differences without hurting the child too much.

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