Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr Still Haven't Named Baby

In Celebs by Susie Anderson , on Tuesday, January 18, 2011, 8:33 AM (PST)
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It's been over a week since Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr gave birth to a little baby boy (OK, maybe not so little as he was 10 pounds). And while I'm not surprised we haven't seen any photos yet, I am surprised we haven't learned of the baby's name. Could it be Orlando and Miranda haven't chosen a name yet?

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Couples generally pick out their baby names long before the little bundle has arrived. In fact, some pick out names before they even know if they're having a boy or a girl (or before they even get pregnant!). Well, Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom are not that couple. Their baby boy is over a week old and they might not have picked out a name yet.

According to The Daily Mail, Orlando's mom, Sonia, is saying her grandbaby doesn't yet have a name. She says, "They are both absolutely ecstatic. I am beyond happy... They have a list of names and he tells me they are struggling to choose one."



What the heck are they calling the baby? I suppose the baby won't remember his name right away and it's OK to wait a bit. I just can't imagine having a child and not knowing what to call him. And not being able to fill out the birth certificate just yet!

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Do you have any ideas for what Orlando and Miranda should name their baby? I'm just hoping they don't go with Legolas. I'm sure Bloom and Kerr are trying to keep things private for now, but I hope we get to see photos of the happy family soon.

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