Ouch! Diana Ross Calls Tyler Perry 'Lowbrow'

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Perry Claims Ross Refuses to Return His Phone Calls!

Performing legend Diana Ross is often referred to as "Ms. Ross, the Boss," but actor/director/producer Tyler Perry might have a different ‘B' word in mind for her after hearing some of the recent comments she made about him.

Perry, creator of the uber-successful ‘Meada' movie franchise and known as one of the most successful (and wealthiest) black entertainment moguls of the twentieth century, recently let it be known that he's a huge Diana Ross fan and would be honored to have her appear in one of his films.

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Ross' response? Talk to the hand. Although he has dreamed of working with her, Tyler admits, "She won't return my phone calls."

An insider close to the former Supremes star reportedly explained it's nothing personal against Perry, she just hates his films. ""Diana is all about her entertainment legacy," the insider explained. "She feels his movies have no substance. The last thing she wants is to co-star in a cheesy comedy starring a black man in a fat suit playing a half-cocked, angry old woman waving a gun."

Fair enough, but Diana's been around long enough to know manners count for something. Give the man a call already and tell him yourself!


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Comments (2)
Posted By Stephan (2 years ago)
In yet ANOTHER, previous interview about Diana Ross, Perry claimed that she already declined his offer. She's conducted herself properly. Now, the spotlight's on him to see if he's man enough to just move on. So far, not so much...
Posted By sandy (2 years ago)
if having a dui and sleeping with the boss and pushing a background singer out of a group until she is so depressed she dies from a broken heart is not demeaning to her. tyler perry's films is just a slap on the hand from what she has done in the past. i think always mentioning about incest in his films(family member raping they kin) is too much not all black households live like that.other then that tyyler is a fine producer and true example about making yourself a wealthy man despite of where he came from. i think he cares about his black race(don't like diana she don't seem like she have a lot of love for herself and her race) but that's just my opinion
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