Parents Sue Hilton Hotel After Drunken Daughter Dies Sliding Down Banister

In Life by , on Thursday, July 26, 2012, 11:00 AM (PDT)
megan duskey


Mom And Dad Want $500,000

Megan Duskey drank too much at a party, tried to slide down a railing, and then fell four stories to her death. Now the 22-year-old's parents are suing the hotel, claiming it failed to prevent her from partying too hard.

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James and Deborah Duskey claim that the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago was negligent in the death of their daughter during a Halloween-themed party in 2010.

Megan Duskey attended the ball with her girlfriends and about 2,000 other guests. But at around 10:30 pm, just half an hour after she got there, Duskey reportedly attempted to slide down the hotel's massive staircase and ended up plummeting four stories to her death.

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Now Duskey's parents are suing the hotel, the party promoter and Hilton Worldwide for $500,000, saying ball-goers were allowed to "consume unlimited amounts of alcoholic beverages."

The suit claims the Hilton failed to provide proper protection and security for party-goers.

Duskey, an elementary school teacher in Chicago, was dressed as the superhero Silver Spectre when she fell to her death.

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Posted By mike (2 years ago)
Hey idiot. I had to correct you. If you can't get the facts straight in this case.. Why would we trust you on anything else you talk about. Please stop posting Where is evidence that she was TOO drunk? Failed to prevent her from partying too hard? You are the worst kind of person and I truly hope bad things happen to you. She and her friends were in a good mood.. Like normal. They were going to have a cigarette as the party was JUST STARTING. It is funny you even SEE that she got there at 10 and it happened at 10:30. Get your stuff together you low-life moron. You are a douchebag.
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