Paris Hilton's Christmas Card Photo

In Celebs by Susie Anderson , on Friday, December 17, 2010, 8:45 AM (PST)
paris hilton
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Happy Holidays from Paris

I'm loving this holiday season, if only because all the celebrities are sending out their Christmas cards... And some contain photos. Is Paris Hilton's Christmas card photo incredibly glamorous or totally lame?

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While the Kardashian's Christmas card was all glamour, Paris Hilton's photo seems to be part glamour, part scandal... And a whole lot of leg. Much like the Kardashians, Paris isn't smiling in her Christmas card photo. But unlike the Kardashians, she's not wearing a full-length gown. Instead, Paris is donning a super low-cut, super-short sparkly dress.

She's sitting in a chair with her hands held over her head, almost like she's handcuffed to the chair back. And her wavy blonde hair is pulled back, in a Marilyn Monroe style look. My first impression? Paris Hilton is trying way too hard. 



The Christmas card was sent to from Parish Hilton and inside was written, "Warm wishes this Holiday Season. Love from Paris & Paris Hilton Entertainment." She also told Radar, "We will be spending Christmas in Maui, then Cabo for New Year's. I can't wait!" Wow, that sounds quite nice. And warm.

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Is Paris Hiltons holiday card photo a little too much? Or is it perfect coming from someone like Paris?

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