Perez Hilton Dropped by Advertisers After Miley Cyrus Photo Scandal

In Celebs by , on Wednesday, June 16, 2010, 9:14 AM (PDT)
perez hilton


He could be charged with distributing child pornography.

This could be the beginning of the end for Perez Hilton. Advertisers have begun to drop the self-described "Queen of Media" after he posted a link on his website to an uncensored, up-the-skirt photograph of 17 year-old Miley Cyrus --  a legal minor.

Fox News has learned that ABC, which is owned by Disney, has pulled ads for its morning talk show The View from after the scandal blew up into worldwide news.

Fox also reports that promotion for the MTV-owned channel, TV Land, was pulled from Perez's site even though MTV says their advertising deal with the gossip blogger "remains unchanged."

The controversy began when Hilton, whose real name is Mario Lavandeira, posted a photograph of Cyrus climbing out of her car in a dress that apparently seemed to reveal she was not wearing any underwear.

"If you are easily offended, do NOT click here," the site warned. "Oh, Miley! Warning: truly not for the easily offended!"

While this may not seem like a huge deal nowadays, especially to Hilton who probably enjoys quite the traffic boost whenever he passes along photos of celebs being careless and indiscreet, Miley Cyrus is still only 17. That makes her a legal minor, and that makes Hilton's post a viable candidate for child pornography.

Hilton issued a tongue-in-cheek video statement (which is a bit crass considering the gravity of the situation), where he denies ever posting such a scandalous, illegal photograph.



Still, things could get a whole lot worse for Perez Hilton. reports that if the law decides to go after him, "he could be prosecuted on the state or federal level -- or both -- with a conviction potentially resulting in a 15 year sentence and lifetime registration as a sex offender."

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Comments (2)
Posted By dojonia5 (4 years ago)
what an idiot
Posted By Sharon (4 years ago)
I don't think he should be classified or prosecuted for being a complete dumba**, but he is a mean spirited jerk that should have better sense than taking crotch shots of any celebrity. His whole existence seems to be looking for anything to demean and create pain for people. I'm not a fan of Miley Cyrus, but this wasn't even a true statement regarding the photo in question.How hard up do you have to be to lower yourself to National Enquirer,etc status to make yourself feel more important? He just seems like a spoiled, narcisstic, petulent, jealous individual that needs a major lesson in humility and basic human decency and kindness. So much meaness and pettiness in this world that has enough sadness. Would rather watch an uplifting, fun video, like Adam Lambert's , "If I Had You," that promotes love and unity instead of Perez Hilton's nasty negativity.
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