Perez Hilton Petition: Muppets Oscar Performance of "Man or Muppet"

In OnScreen & Music by Wendy Michaels , on Thursday, February 09, 2012, 8:28 AM (PST)
the muppets
The Muppets denied Oscar performance?


Oscars Plans to Cut Best Song Performance

In any other year, hearing that the Oscars decided to cut the live performances of the nominated best songs wouldn't be such a big deal.

But this year, the Muppets would have performed. The Muppets, people!

Sadly, Bret McKenzie's "Man or Muppet," nominated for Best Song, will not get the chance for a live performance.

McKenzie told Badass Digest, "It's a shame. It would have been really fun to get a man and a Muppet up on that stage."

Why did they snub the musical performance from the Academy Awards telecast? Reportedly, they're looking to save time and trimming some fat would afford that.

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How about cutting the presenter banter down by about 90% instead?

Judd Apatow took the lead for the Muppet Oscar campaign, voicing his fury over this Muppet injustice on Twitter, writing: "here is the tweet address to tell the Oscars to let The Muppets sing their nominated song. @TheAcademy"

Will Walter the Muppet and Jason Segel get their chance to perform at the Oscars?

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Blogger Perez Hilton hopes his efforts will get the Muppet performance to stay in the show, with a petition titled "Get The Muppets On The Oscars!" to sign at Care2Petition.

He writes: "At this year's Oscars, the Academy will not be allowing either of the Best Original Song nominees to perform their nominated song.

Since The Muppets have brought so much joy to the hearts of cinema enthusiasts everywhere for decades, we are OUTRAGED they won't have their chance to perform "Man or Muppet!"

Please, sign this petition to show your support and prove to The Oscars that you'll tune in to see The Muppets on that stage!!!"

What do you think of the Muppet snub?

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