Perfect Holiday Dates

In Love & Sex by Christina , on Friday, December 12, 2008, 8:00 AM (PST)
holiday date night


Date night done festive.

You could go out to dinner again, or go see another movie (snooze), but why? Switch it up this holiday season and think outside the date box. We have a few suggestions that’ll keep you two gettin’ busy.

Go ice skating: Take advantage of the icy weather and slip on some skates. A twirl around the rink with some holiday music and a cup of hot cocoa, and you’ll both be triple-toe-looping your way to great night.

Take a romantic drive: Flip on the all holiday radio station and take a tour of other people’s Christmas-lights. Find a house that’s particularly pretty? Put it in park and enjoy.

Go Christmas shopping: Take a task that might otherwise feel like a chore and make it into a fun hangout. Shop, chat, and keep each other sane when the holiday shoppers get stressful. Added bonus: you’ll get to hint at what’s on your wish list.

Get snuggly: Build a fire, light some candles and enjoy a meal in. Even if you don’t cook, he’ll enjoy that he can have you and the Chinese takeout box all to himself.

Get domestic: Have a bunch of holiday cookies to bake this year for your company party? Invite him over to help. The smell of warm gingerbread cookies will win over his heart and his stomach.

Go Broadway: The Nutcracker is a great holiday outing, but it might not be his idea of a great time. Instead, pick a performance that you’ll both enjoy. And don’t fret about choosing a holiday themed show. It’ll be nice to escape the X-mas craze for a night.

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