Pink Devasted Over Dog's Death

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Pink's Beloved Dog Has Passed Away

Pink's family increased last year when she and hubby, motocross racer Carey Hart, brought home baby Willow, but now, with the death of her beloved dog, there's one less love of her life under their roof.

The Grammy award-winner, tweeted yesterday that her beloved dog, a bulldog named Foxy Mamma, had passed away at the ripe old age of 13.  "We'll miss you Foxy," wrote the singer who then posted the photo below of the pup.

On his page, Hart tweeted "RIP Foxy Mamma. You had a good run, 13 for a bulldog is a full life. You will be loved and missed by many...You were a bad ass dog. 13 is pretty solid."

Pink, who just posted the video for her and T.I.'s collaboration, "Guns & Roses," (you can see it here) is hitting the road next month in support of her "Truth About Love" record which already has two hit singles. If you want to check her out in concert - she's one helluva performer, you can find a listing of tour dates here.

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