Pippa Middleton Topless in New Released Photo

In Celebs by KGaz , on Thursday, May 05, 2011, 9:11 AM (PDT)
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Pippa Middleton has emerged from last week's royal wedding as one of the most distinguished -- and eligible -- young women in the world...but a newly-released college photo shows a different side to Pippa. A very different side! Nice tan, Pippa.

Yes, you've seen the younger Middleton sister from front angles before, but you've never seen Pippa Middleton looking like this. The now-27-year-old sister of Duchess of Cambridge Catherine Middleton is seen partying it up with a male friend (just a friend?) at what looks like a wild college party.

Pippa: where's your shirt?

Indeed Pippa Middleton let her hair (and her top) down to romp around on what looks like a patio at an outdoor spring break or other vacation spot. But if the tan is our clue to exactly where this took place, it could be anywhere during any season: Pippa Middleton is known to be fond of the fake-bake year round.

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This photo hit the Web Wednesday, and so far we haven't heard any official comment from Clarence House. We're thinking this will probably just be swept under the palace rug as a routine move when the Royal Family are joined by new in-laws. Meanwhile we're hearing that James Middleton, Pippa and Catherine's 23-year-old brother, was once caught with his pants down in a similar fashion: on camera! A friend of the Middleton family, however, says Catherine's siblings know they have to polish up and button up now that their sister is a princess.

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Flip through our slideshow of the royal wedding -- you were dressed there, Pippa! -- and hit the blue links for more.

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