Prince Harry Eyes Cocktail Waitress Jessica Donaldson

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prince harry
Jessica Donaldson: Southern California's version of Kate Middleton


Donaldson Says Harry Was "A Real-Life Prince Charming"

Prince Harry's rumored new girlfriend looks an awful lot like Kate Middleton, his brother's wife. But with an extra dash of American spice. Jessica Donaldson, a cocktail waitress in San Diego, was reportedly spotted making out with the royal redhead after serving him drinks.

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Donaldson, 26, was one of the lucky bottle-service girls to wait on Prince Harry and his Royal Airforce buddies when they went out to the Andaz Hotel in San Diego earlier this month.

But according to some eyewitnesses, Donaldson did a a lot more than just wait on the British prince. Hotel workers say they spotted a pretty brunette snogging with Harry late in the night.

In a new interview, Donaldson says the rumors are totally false.

"Harry is a real-life Prince Charming. He is so sweet. In fact he was kind of goofy with me. I really like him but I am speaking out now because I want people to know the truth. I am not sleeping with Prince Harry and he has never been anything other than a total gentleman to me," Donaldson tells the U.K.'s Sunday Mirror.

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"I am very upset that all this has blown up. He is just a regular guy who enjoys a few beers with his buddies," she says. "He's really cool and down-to-earth and that's what I liked about him. I'm flattered he showed me attention but there is nothing more to it than that."

So who did hotel staff see Prince Harry kissing later that night, and then spot leaving late the next morning?

"That wasn't me. It must have been another girl," Donaldson told the Mirror.  "I am not sleeping with Prince Harry and he has never been anything other than a gentleman to me."

Let's hope not, because Donaldson, who has a massive rose tattoo running down her right side, is already taken. The waitress gave her Mirror interview while sitting next to her "hulking" boyfriend of three years, nightclub promoter Brandon Thomas.

While Harry might be a military man, getting between a bouncer and his hot tattooed girlfriend probably isn't the best idea.

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Posted By eeggjj (2 years ago)
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