Pro-Anorexia Website Slams Model Kate Upton: "She Looks Thick, Vulgar ..."

In Life by , on Sunday, July 08, 2012, 10:30 AM (PDT)
kate upton


Dangerous site offers “Starving Tips of the Day” to Young Girls

There's been a lot of media attention lately over the trend of "fat shaming," but have you ever hear of "thin shaming?" A new website called is calling out celebrities who - by society's standards - have fantastic bodies, but according to the editors of the site, just aren't thin enough.

Their latest target? Model Kate Upton, whose killer curves recently landed her on the cover of Sports Illustrated and launched her career as one of the most celebrated female bodies in the business.

But critics on aren't fans and they've been merciless in ripping Kate apart for her appearance in new Carl's Jr. commercial.

WATCH: Kate Upton's Sexy Carl's Jr. Ad

Among the criticism? "She looks thick, vulgar, almost pornographic...and she's a solid 30 lbs too heavy for this outfit." Writes another commenter: "Huge thighs, no waist and floppy boobs." They also refer to her as a "cannibal" - not-so-subtly implying that by munching on the hamburger she's a cow eating another cow. Nice.

Shockingly, claims it doesn't promote anorexia, it just celebrates skinniness. Sorry, but with  site full of "Starving Tips of the Day" and helpful ways to ignore hunger pains, we're just not buying it.

Here's hoping wastes away and disappears soon.

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Comments (5)
Posted By haha (2 years ago)
she is fat she could lose a few pounds definitely not a toned body..the only reason why she gets much media attention is because of her big boobs..haha
Posted By Kate (2 years ago)
Better look like Kate Upton than be a walking dead
Posted By Jeanne (2 years ago)
She's not fat, but she's definitely vulgar.
Posted By britney (2 years ago)
Kate Upton is NOT fat. Trust me. I think she's at a heathly weight.
Posted By mimi (1 year ago)
Well- this SI cover was vulgar, but -whatever I think about her as a HF model -she has beautiful body.
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