Rachael Ray's Hurricane Sandy Donations: $500K for Dogs, $100K for Humans [VIDEO] [POLL]

In Celebs by Kim Muraro , on Tuesday, November 13, 2012, 7:58 AM (PST)
rachael ray pet vs. human donations


She's Generous No Matter How You Look at It, But Would You Donate More Money for Animals Than for People?

First of all, big ups to Rachael Ray. Whether you're a fan of Ray and her, well, let's just be honest … some people find her annoying as all Hell.

Regardless, the fact that she has donated more than $600,000 in cash and goods to the victims of Hurricane Sandy is worthy of much respect, and she is, truly, obviously a very caring and generous person.

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Having said that, there are certainly people who are going to have an issue with exactly how Ray's generosity was dispersed, or rather, to whom it was directed: she donated $500,000 in cash, as well as four tons of food from her Nutrish gourmet pet food line, to the ASPCA for pets affected by the storm; the other $100,000 was donated to New York City food banks to help the human relief effort, reports.

Again, that's pets $500,000; humans $100,000.


Answer our poll question after you watch a video clip in which Ray's donations are announced:

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Do you think there's something weird about the fact that Rachael Ray made a bigger donation for animals than she did for human victims of Hurricane Sandy?

  1. No. Some people love their pets like family members, and she's acknowledging how important pets are to people.
  2. Yes. I love animals, and I even love some animals more than some people, but bottom line, human life always comes first.
  3. Who cares?! No one is obligated to make ANY donation, but she was very generous all around. THAT should be the focus, not who she gave the money to.


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